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However, besides being friends, romantic relationship includes the element of sex.Most people’s libido won’t be satisfied with having intercourse every two or three months, so having a way to sustain that sexual connection is very important.Andy Vitalicio | Jun 25, 2014 AM EDT Cebu City, Philippines – Police arrested Tuesday an Australian national who has been residing in the Philippines for two years, for allegedly recruiting minors and paying them to perform lewd acts on camera.

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Several researchers have argued that within an addiction-related decision situation, individuals might either show tendencies to approach or avoid addiction-related stimuli.

In the current study 123 heterosexual males completed an Approach-Avoidance-Task (AAT; Rinck and Becker, 2007) modified with pornographic pictures.

Analogous to substance dependencies, results suggest that both approach and avoidance tendencies might play a role in cybersex addiction. The effect of approach/avoidance training on alcohol consumption is mediated by change in alcohol action tendency. doi: 10.1371/0085855 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Sharbanee, J.

Moreover, an interaction with sensitivity toward sexual excitation and problematic sexual behavior could have an accumulating effect on the severity of subjective complaints in everyday life due to cybersex use.

MANILA, Philippines-The Department of Justice’s Office of Cybercrime (DOJ-OOC) has asked the Supreme Court anew to create special courts to handle litigation of crimes committed online amid the worsening incidence of cases such as child pornography, sextortion and other abuses through the Internet. by: Nancy Carvajal July 13, 2014 MANILA, Philippines—Two apartments in two Cavite subdivisions suspected to be the “production” site of the live streaming through the Internet of very young children being sexually abused were raided late Friday by agents from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Ronald Aguto, the head of the NBI’s cybercrime division, […] Read More...City officials are fighting back in an attempt to prevent sexual exploitation from destroying a generation. By Rainier Allan Ronda (The Philippine Star) MANILA, Philippines – The government will require Internet service providers (ISPs) and telecommunication companies to install software to monitor and filter out cyber-pornography sites and content.Speaking at a “Child Abuse and Exploitation in Cyber Space” forum, Samuel Sabile, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) networks and facilities division officer-in-charge, said […] Read More...Although diverse terminologies are used to describe this phenomenon (Cash et al., 2012; Starcevic, 2013; Koo and Kwon, 2014; Spada, 2014), the term Internet addiction seems to be dominant, because studies have shown widespread similarities to substance dependencies (Young, 1998; Griffiths, 2005; Brand et al., 2014b; Kuss et al., 2014a). doi: 10.1016/20 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Schoenmakers, T. For example, there is empirical evidence pointing toward comparabletrol, and withdrawal (Weinstein and Lejoyeux, 2010; Kuss et al., 2014b,c). During the AAT participants either had to push pornographic stimuli away or pull them toward themselves with a joystick. Alcohol-related biases in selective attention and action tendency make distinct contributions to dysregulated drinking behaviour. doi: 10.1111/add.12256 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Short, M.

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