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The livescan will capture both fingerprint images and demographic information, and electronically transmit that data to the Criminal Records Unit for further processing.All applicants requiring a NH/FBI CHRI will initiate the criminal background check process through their government agency (employer, school district, licensing board, etc.) Scheduling an appointment is encouraged, as this is the best and most efficienct way to process an applicant requiring fingerprints.The entity must meet ALL of the following criteria: Unless required by specific statute (i.e.

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Non-profit entities requesting a CHRI on a volunteer who will be exclusively working with the elderly, disabled, or children need to complete a Reduced Fee Request Form as well as a Criminal Record Release Authorization Form for each volunteer.

The name of the volunteer must be noted, and which vulnerable category the volunteer will be working.

All CHRI in New Hampshire is confidential, and is disseminated under the authority of Revised Statute Annotated (RSA) 106-B: 14, and Administrative Rule Saf-C 5700.

For non-criminal justice purposes, no CHRI is released without the permission and knowledge of the individual of whom the request is being made.

To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, please call: (603) 223-3867.

If you call to schedule a livescan fingerprinting appointment, the operator will explain the fingerprinting process, the required paperwork you are to bring with you, and the fee you will be charged.

New Hampshire CHRI has no expiration date and only is removed by way of a Petition to Annul granted by the court of jurisdiction, and all related fees are satisfied.

CHRI in the Central Repository is disseminated for either criminal justice or non-criminal justice purposes.

Procedure A Criminal Record Release Authorization Form must be completed on the individual and a Reduced Fee Request Form.

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