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It really does go without saying that when this bit of kit was released the world was shocked.

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The virtual doll is modelled on the likeness of actress Lin Chi-ling, a Taiwanese-born model and actress.

In 2006 Lin embarked on an unusually fast rise to fame which was labelled the "Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon".

Long gone are the days when sexual intercourse took place between two human beings.

Now, if you have hidden desires - just tap in your details online and have sex delivered direct to your door step.

Adult entertainment actress Yui Hatano looked so much liked Lin that she herself developed an enormous fan base in Taiwan, which outnumbered her fans in Japan.

Thus, her virtual doll became a hit worldwide, said to offer the closest experience possible to actually having sex with the star - for a staggering 00.A series of electrodes are then shot through the wires, with vibrations helping to create the sensation of penetration.The holder of the remote control is then in the driving seat, determining how much power is sent to the sleeve.Whether you're viewing the latest video or catching up with your favourite sex-cam friend - the Launch PAD is the one for you.It's the handsfree device every adult entertainment lover has been waiting for.Recently there have been untold advances in virtual reality technology and a wave of new liberation is sweeping the world, to the point where the thought of intimacy with a loved one appears practically medieval to many.

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