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First, accepting the big bang model is to ignore what the Creator has revealed concerning how He created the universe.

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I cannot do otherwise, here I stand, may God help me, Amen (Luther 1955–76, vol. Jesus stated in John , “ Biblical doctrine is linked to history and science; therefore, whatever Scripture affirms on those matters is true.

For example, the doctrine of the Resurrection is that Jesus rose bodily from the dead on the third day.

Even though he did not believe that the days were literally 24 hours, Augustine gave an answer to the assertion of those who ascribe to the world a past of many thousands of years: Those who hold such opinions are also led astray by some utterly spurious documents which, they say, give a historical record of many thousand years, whereas we reckon, from the evidence of the holy Scriptures, that fewer than 6,000 years have passed since man’s first origin (Augustine 2003, p. Furthermore, the reformer John Calvin believed that the world had not yet “completed its six thousandth year” (Calvin 2009, p. Even scholars who do not hold to a young earth recognize that when Genesis is taken at face value, “If we add up numbers, the result is something like the scheme devised in the seventeenth century by Bishop James Ussher, who assigned creation to 4004 BC . He makes a few general statements: That’s not the age of the earth issue here.

That’s the origin of what is a human being, when did that human being come into existence.

While there may be questions as to why the universe is expanding (if indeed it is), the Bible itself talks about God “stretching out the heavens,” which may shed some light on the subject (). and the creation took place somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 BC” (Collins 2006, p. Collins recognizes that the various attempts to harmonize Genesis with old-earth geology and old-universe cosmology are novel.

Is Genesis non-committal on the age of the earth, as Sproul and many other scholars today say? yet not of thousands and tens of thousands, as Plato and Apollonius and other mendacious authors have hitherto written” (Theophilus, , 29). John Collins, a Reformed theologian who believes in an old earth, correctly points out that “prior to the rise of the new geology in the eighteenth century, most Bible readers simply understood the creation period to be one ordinary week . It was the rise of uniformitarian science in the 1800s that caused a re-evaluation of how the early chapters of Genesis were interpreted. Due to the effects of uniformitarian thinking in the western world, many pastors and teachers today unfortunately no longer exhort or instruct their congregations correctly when it comes to understanding Genesis 1–11 as literal history.This has had a devastating effect on the worldwide body of Christ.However, the big bang theory, which old-earth creationists hold to, is an interpretation of the interpretation of that redshift evidence.This alone should cause Sproul and others to have concern as the big bang theory is not only based upon philosophical naturalism (the belief that nature is all there is and that everything, including origins, can be explained by time, chance, and the laws of nature) used to interpret the observational data, but it also contradicts the biblical account of creation in several ways.There are several reasons why the issue of the days of creation are vitally important for the church today: For these reasons it is important for the church to hold to the clear teaching of Scripture regarding what God has revealed to us in the early chapters of Genesis. This is not an attack on them personally but simply an examination of their teaching regarding origins.

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