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Teacher’s Guide: Interesting, Fun, and Effective Activities to Influence Teen Dating Awareness and Prevention This high school guide offers a ton of ideas for integrating prevention across the entire curriculum–with activities for math, science, English, P. Use this guide to inspire your lessons, and when discussing whole-school change with school staff.

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A School Policy to Increase Student Safety: Promote Healthy Relationships and Prevent Teen Dating Violence Through Improved School Climate This policy toolkit is unique because it offers schools national best practices, as well as guidelines for early intervention and crisis response. Clinical Guidelines for Responding to Adolescent Dating Abuse School health professionals have a transformative role.

The adolescent health care provider can help prevent, identify and address adolescent relationship abuse.

Guide to Engaging Men and Boys in Preventing Violence Against Women & Girls The Men’s Nonviolence Project has created a guide to engage men and boys in prevention programs.

Working with men and boys is not a new idea in Texas nonviolence activist work.

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For decades men and boys have engaged through Batterer Intervention and Prevention Programs and nonviolence programs.

Nonviolence is now taking one additional step and getting communities across the state to work on creating long-term, transformative prevention efforts by focusing on gender socialization and how it contributes to gender-based violence.

We are specifically looking for coaches who are already doing DV prevention education, training, or awareness within their community.

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