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Debates in Parliament had included expressions of concern about Russian naval expansion in the northern Pacific, pointed out that the sole naval defence consisted of one 24-gun frigate, and the time it would take for Britain to come to the colony's aid.

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One of the earliest gazetted units (13 January 1859) was the Taranaki Volunteer Rifle Company.

In 1863 the government passed the Colonial Defence Force Act 1862 creating the first Regular Force.

The calls eventually lead to a bill being introduced to the Legislative Assembly in 1844.

However the cost to Britain of maintaining a military force in New Zealand was considerable prompting a dispatch on 24 November 1846 from Right Hon Earl Grey to advise Lieutenant Governor George Grey that 1854 brought a new threat to the attention of the colony, because up to that time the military focus had been upon internal conflicts between settlers and the native population. This war began to involve the major European powers and exposed New Zealand and Australia to a possible external threat from Russian naval forces.

New Zealand considers its own national defence needs to be modest, due to its geographical isolation and benign relationships with neighbours.

After the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 New Zealand's security was dependent on British Imperial troops deployed from Australia and other parts of the empire.

A prelude to what was to become the First Taranaki War and a period of conflict in the North Island until 1872.

Parliament revised and expanded the Militia Ordinance, replacing it with the Militia Act 1858.

This was to be a mounted body of not more than 500 troops, with both Maori and settlers, and costing no more than 30,000 pounds per annum.

By this time there were about 10,000 British Imperial troops in New Zealand, supplemented by about as many New Zealand volunteer and militia forces.

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