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He believes that comprehensive test plans and attention to detail improves the quality of the product with every deployment.He is a cryptocurrency professional and blockchain expert.Integrate support for a wide range of oracles and supported attributes.

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He’s been a founding member of Assobit, the Italian blockchain association, and BHB, Italy’s leading blockchain R&D lab.

Chrisnel built her career as a very successful as a software quality assurance engineer due to her passion for quality and attention to detail.

A blockchain and crypto advocate with over ten years in Sales and Business Development.

He is passionate about evolving the adult sector through open conversation and realising the full possibilities of blockchain technology.

Sebastiano has been researching alternative currencies since 2004.

In 2013 he began working as a blockchain analyst, consulting for Italian and German clients.

Starting her career with a degree in Financial Management, Carmela has spent her time in a variety of financial, reporting and technical implementation roles before more recently moving into a dedicated marketing role where she leverages her prior experiences.

Michael has spent his career innovating in public relations and across technology platforms after exiting multiple startups as a co-founder.

Chrisnel has moved into the Product Development team to help drive forward the intimate product with that same passion for quality.

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