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Often you can find people selling legitimate samples and decants for reasonable and fair prices.

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I'm sorry ladies and gents Cool Water and this Gem should not even be mentioned in the same sentence. I have been gifted a big decant of this gem, 30ml from a NOT a perfume lover, friend. It was greeeeeen and aquatic and deep like mitsouko edp and Silences by Jacomo on my skin but when I saw the reviews I said WTH... Is this perfume that I sprayed 4 hours ago on my hair, my neck, my T-shirt, my everything is Cool Water?? Let me tell you this: I had Cool Water back in 1990. I haven't try any reformulation of Cool Water since then. GIT is inoffensive, versatile and very easy to wear.

I said hey, somethings wrong is going on in here... So, I just don't know HOW Cool Water smells like now... Imagine Irish Spring body soap, now multiply the depth, quality and scent trail and you get Green Irish Tweed.

It reminds me of a raging sea slamming against a Scottish cliff on a windy, cloud-filled day. Here is another example of how a clone can be superior to the original (see Afnan Supremacy Silver with Aventus). Every positive uplifting and confidence-building boost a fine fragrance can give you; this is pulling in the very opposite direction. Anyway, to me Green Irish Tweed is a well blended fragrance as most Creeds (even though I like a very few) but it smells dated and too much reminding a recent past.

Dont know if I can add anything that hasnt been said. Its crisp and refreshing in a very high end and well blended way. This fragrance does remind me of Davidoff Cool Water, which I have never liked since to me it is the emblem of how synthetic and unnatural a fragrance can be. Wearing this is like saying :"I used to be an alpha male".

Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. The base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed Sixth Generation. I state that I consider this house as one of the most overrated that there are in the market because it creates excellent perfumes but not masterpieces except in the case of GIT. It is the commercial name of a carded wool fabric, originally from Scotland, originally used to make shawls. Personally, I have respect for the solid, timeless cheapies.

Finally got a chance to try this classic after a trade with a fellow fragrantica member landed me a sample of it. I feel like Spingy Mc Spingerson when wearing this. In fact, when you spray it, the wool is absolutely felt together with the grass! It is a rich, fresh and peppery scent that evokes the wild English countryside, the wind, the heather, the fog and the sea breeze. I see those as the cornerstone of the male fragrance industry. Bought a sample having never tried it; have it an initial test spray on a piece of natural paper - I was surprised at how unsophisticated it was. Today is that day; 30mins in and I’m depressed at how much of a Normie I smell like.

For whatever reason I haven't got around to getting a bottle....until now Wow. The fresh, aquatic citrus of the opening and which remained throughout disappears quite quickly giving way to violet leaf and Iris. I actually used to understand the similarity with Cool Water, another ruined scent. GREEN IRISH TWEED The Opening is green, and fresh, but not grassy like.

But this is not that close anymore so can see why people don't get the comparison. Unlike current Body Kouros, and Reflection man - which are hardly any different to earlier incarnations - this genuinely has changed! The scent is more like leaves after a rain, or a cool stream in the forest. You'll be able to get the Opening notes for a while, About 20 minutes, then the heart notes come in with the Violet leaf very present.

I love creed’s Royal oud and Bd P however, GIT and Aventus just don’t do it for me. This is a Timeless classic that cannot be duplicated. GIT opens with notes of crisp lemon verbena and peppermint, and dries down with notes of lavender, iris, sandalwood and ambergris.

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