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Enraged, Escobedo confronts Cortez, but is killed by Cortez's associate.

Ryan, Clark and Chávez rescue the prisoners, kill Cortez, and escape.

The new version now includes the complete score by Horner, remixed from the original scoring master tapes with cues appearing in the same order as they appear in the film.

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Mick La Salle, writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, commented how it "delights in an almost boyish way in the trappings of power: rocket launchers and high-tech missiles, flags, ceremony and political double-speak." James Berardinelli, who wrote for Reel Views, remarked, "Clear and Present Danger is all plot and no characters.

The people running around on screen have about as much depth as the sheen of sweat on Harrison Ford's forehead. He's disgustingly virtuous: a flawless fighter for good and justice, a Superman without the cape.

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Escobedo then calls a meeting with other cartel leaders, which Clark's team hits with an airstrike, but Escobedo is late arriving and survives. S.'s involvement in the strike, and meets with Cutter to broker a deal. Ryan is played a recording of the conversation between Cutter and Cortez.

Cortez will assassinate Escobedo and take over the cartel, promising to reduce drug shipments to the U. and allow American law enforcement to make regular arrests to make it appear as if the U. He hacks Ritter's computer and discovers the conspiracy unfolding in Colombia.Jack Ryan, appointed acting Deputy Director of Intelligence after Vice Admiral Jim Greer is stricken with cancer, asks Congress for increased funding for ongoing CIA operations in Colombia, believing the funds to be for advisory purposes only.Keeping Ryan in the dark, Cutter turns to the CIA's Deputy Director of Operations Bob Ritter to take down the cartel.Ryan confronts the President and tells him he intends to inform the Congressional Oversight Committee about the conspiracy despite the damage it could do to his career.As he walks out of the Oval Office, Cutter asks to speak with him, but Ryan ignores him. John Milius wrote the first draft and later added the sequence where Jack Ryan is ambushed in SUVs.He said that the original ending had Cortez going to Washington to kill the national security adviser, only to be killed in a mugging by drug addicts.

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