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The freind comes in while Jace is masturbating her futa. Third Idea The curse has gone beyond the normal limits transforming Jace.

Growing to adapting to her new personality she stalks the night for unsupecting victims to unleash her wild lust on.

I hate people who don't read and then contact me with ideas that I will not do.) Abuse me, use me, slap me and hurt me.

Likes:being watched while jacking off,hotdogging,grinding Dislike: Scat .

~Shota/Femboy RP/ERP~ (Please no Instant Starters...) Mood: Livid.

Cyber/Erp account Cyber/Erp School girl Futa Picture change Status: Metlyes quest kinky~1: Erp account lets have some fun2: Feel free to message me male or female3: They are both Jace just in different versions of the curse that affects her.

Name: Jace Age:16-18Height:5'4"Gender: Female Weight::105Cup Size: CDick Size:rp dependant SO: Bisexual"Embrace yourself" Jace is a ordinary girl in her standard.

Tail: 4 feet, feels like a snake, strong and agile.

Cyber - ERP, 4pm CST or later on Weekdays or I can't respond | In Need of a Dom to control my cumming habits~!

She like sports, hanging out with her freinds and lemonade a hot summer day. A spirit of lust inhabits her body, seeing a wonderful chance to have fun it used it magic to grow a cock on her.

Now she must try to keep her new senstive organ under control or risk making a huge mess.

The rp picks up there you with money in hand and here in shorts and a tanktop.

Second idea A family freind comes over to check on Jace after she has been absent from school.

Im okay with that, but would rather you atleast speak to me beforehand to lay out an outline for it Now this doesnt mean, their arent some rules. 1: Literacy, I'm not gonna waste my time with people who cannot spell properly.

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