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A popular feature that is unique to Date would be the ‘Let’s Meet’ feature.

If you list your current location in your profile, you will be presented with a list of members within a certain radius of yourself and you’ll be asked whether or not you would be willing to meet this person.

You can see whether or not they’re online and active as well as their relationship status.

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Date is one of the oldest online dating websites that has been around since the early days of this phenomenon and for well over a decade.

The site officially launched in early 2002 and has been free since its’ inception up until now.

It’s clear from the website’s name and its’ features that it is primarily for members who are looking to ‘hook up’ and have more casual dates rather than finding the love of one’s life.

In order to get started with this particular website, you have to sign-up and create a profile.

You can also directly express interest in another user by clicking on the ‘heart’ icon, which is below every profile display on Date Hookup.

When you do this, the other user will be notified of your interest due to the ‘notifications’ feature.

Date is an online dating website most similar to Tinder because it’s more about ‘hook ups’ than actual dating.

However, unlike Tinder, it’s not a mobile application but rather a website full of features that are free and easy-to-use.

You have three options to choose from which would be ‘Yes, No, or Maybe’ to click on when you are presented with each profile.

Based on your attributes and the personality traits that you listed when you signed-up to the website, you’ll be presented with certain members who have those same qualities as you.

In addition to creating a profile with basic information about yourself and the ability to add a few profile pictures displaying your best self, there are a few other features that can be accessed even if you are a free member.

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