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I mean you're not asking for anything special, like whips and chains or a donkey show, so I don't know why you wouldn't or couldn't tell him what you need. don't know why that is when you can have more, so if you're that type why not get used to having an oral orgasm and an orgasm through penetration (i.e.

have more than one orgasm every time you have sex) If you are the multiple orgasm type, then you just became hotter in my eyes. Two fingers (maybe the fist) rammed in their during oral while he's not expecting it = equals extreme orgasm. Also, take pictures or it didn't happen.^^"Honey; I really want and need an oral orgasm. Franklin LAI really want and borderline need the oral orgasm? hold one of his ears in each hand and gently but firmly guide his tongue where you want it but when things get really good don't forget to loosen your grip on his ears Yep theres a difference for men also....from my experience the same IS for woman also..your honest in your relationship....

You can tell him it makes the intercourse feel even more amazing.

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I know that for me an oral sex orgasm is completely different then a vaginal orgasm. Also how do I convey to my boyfriend that I really want and borderline need the oral orgasm? Well, usually when people are having sex and are in a committed relationship it is perfectly okay to tell your partner what you like in bed.

I have never had an oral orgasm before, but I have had oral for a bit.

The sensations are completely different, so I would imagine the orgasm would feel different too.Describe how the oral orgasm makes you feel to him.Talk about how intense the stimulation is and how mind blowing it feels to you. I assume if it's different for me, it's very likely different for me. As for guys, It's a proven fact that guys have the best orgasm when they get fingers rammed in their booty, without lube, without warning, and without caution. Those that love to do it.......don't have to be asked!Those that have to be asked....rarely spend enough time to get you yes, there are men that can be taught to give great oral....they have to want to be others said....him down and tell him this is what you need to be sexually satisfied.As for how it feels JUST for me, I've had all manner of sensations, varying from stupendous ,wonderful, long and slow explosions of exquisite sensation that reached every millimeter of my body like a gentle Tsunami of pleasure, to the bland nothingness of wondering why things started to feel extra lubricated, and finally to actual unpleasant pain.

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