Dating antique furniture locks

Determine the age of the house whose locks you are curious about.

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Many of these books specialize in a specific era, such as Victorian furniture.

Some focus on a specific type of antique, such as antique chairs, while others provide a general overview of furniture from various periods or styles.

But because of their smooth shape, modern nails have less holding power than hand-forged or cut nails.

To determine if missing nails were antique or if they have been replaced with modern nails, look closely at the shape of the hole and the color of the wood around it.

Hand-hammered nails, dating from the 1700s or earlier, leave a square hole with an irregular impression at the top from a hammered head.

Cut nails leave a more rectangular hole and around or rectangular head.Hand-wrought nails have tapered but irregular and crooked square shafts.These nails have heads known as rose heads, a faceted and shallow pyramid-shaped design created from four blows of an ironsmith's hammer.Around 1880, a machine was invented that produced a round nail drawn from a piece of steel wire and formed with a perfectly circular, stamped head and a sharp, cut point.Cabinetmakers continued to use cut nails into the start of the 20th century until stockpiles were used up, so you may find either type of nail in furniture between 18.The nail has a tapered rectangular shaft but straight on two sides, and the shaft is smoother than that of the hand-hammered nail.

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