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In 2001, the global market for mobile phones dropped sharply and as a consequence, despite pressure from the highest levels of UK government, Notable Bathgate residents have included Debbie Geddes, Bernard Gallagher, former captain of the Ryder Cup Team, David Tennant (born in Bathgate but raised in Paisley); his father Alexander Mc Donald, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; Sir James Young Simpson, the discoverer of the anaesthetic properties of chloroform; and John Newland, one of the town's major benefactors. There he became a rich planter, using slaves to maintain and harvest his sugar-cane crop.

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is a town in West Lothian, Scotland, on the M8 motorway 5 miles (8 km) west of Livingston.

Nearby towns are Armadale, Blackburn, Linlithgow, Livingston, West Calder and Whitburn.

The dowry to her husband included the lands and castle of Bathgate. This marriage is still celebrated in an annual pageant forming part of the Bathgate Procession & John Newlands Festival, colloquially known as the Bathgate Galaday (or Gala day).

In the 1846 book A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, Samuel Lewis writes: Of this ancient castle, some slight traces of the foundations only are discernible, in a morass about a quarter of a mile [400 m] from the town, in which, though it has been drained and brought into cultivation, kitchen utensils of brass, and coffins rudely formed of flat stones, have been discovered by the plough Dating from around the same time the remains of Bathgate's former parish church still stand at Kirkton.

Even after the closure the co-operative dance hall was used as the Room At The Top. Bathgate is also home to a popular nightclub called The Twig, located at the end of Livery Street.

There are local and chain stores as well such as Greggs, W. Smith, Home Bargains, B&M, Tesco, Bathgate Bargain Stores, Aldi, Argos, also in 2012 a Morrisons, and Mc Donald's were opened. Their stadium is also used for activities such as football roadshows.This was used for the coal-mining industries and the foundries.Bathgate has easy access to the M8 Motorway via Junctions 3A and 4, linking the town to Edinburgh, Inverclyde via Glasgow and Towns in between. Bus Services in Bathgate are co-ordinated by West Lothian Council.In royal charters of the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, the name of Bathgate has appeared as: Bathchet (1160), Bathket (1250) and Bathgetum (1316).Batket in the 14th century, and by the 15th appeared as both Bathgat and Bathcat, the latter an offshoot of Uchtred Dalrymple's feudial lineage, which ruled during ancient times. It is recorded that, around 1160, Uchtred Dalrymple, Sherriff of Linlithgow, and Geoffrey de Melville came to Bathgate at the command of King Malcolm IV and measured out an area of land which was to form the basis of Bathgate Parish.A report that Dalzell was approaching drove them from Lanark to Bathgate, where, on the evening of Monday the 26th, the wearied army stopped. In 1885, the distillery was producing 80,000 gallons of single malt a year which was transported to Scotland, England and the colonies. Designed by the Edinburgh architects R & R Dickson this is Bathgate's only large public building of historic merit.

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