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In 1995, he became the first architect to deliver the BBC's annual Reith Lectures.This series of five talks, titled Sustainable City, were later adapted into the book Cities for a Small Planet (Faber and Faber: London 1997, ISBN 0-571-17993-2).If pregnancy does not occur, than the endometrial lining is released.

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Moreover, the enormous search for novel compounds is escalating, in which Ayurveda with its huge active compound repository can lend a hand to find new potential leads.

Currently, global population is widely accepting the Ayurvedic medicine as the plant based treatments can rescue the patients from adverse side effects of western medicine.

He has been chair of the board of Trustees of The Architecture Foundation.

He continued to develop his ideas of prefabrication and structural simplicity to design a Wimbledon house for his parents.

Cancer patients, who are crippled with this disease and suffering from harmful side effects from chemotherapeutic drugs are turning back to natural remedies hoping for a better cure.

Ayurveda emphasizes on healthy living through maintaining the balance of the body.

India is well known for its rich, centuries-old heritage of traditional medicinal systems.

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