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These problems aren’t going to disappear by themselves.

If we want to keep this planet a healthy place for our grandchildren, it’s time to do everything we can to stop the catastrophe.

C−1: It has become common that more than half of the country’s readers get their morning paper brought to their door by a teenager. Congestion is especially high in Britain because the British do not welcome the idea of building new roads. Each proposal to build a new road is criticised so it’s not easy to improve the road situation. Perhaps because the trains were the first means of transport in Britain many people still have a romantic outlook on them.

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A−1: Recycling is becoming easier and more widespread. Florida has always been very popular with tourists from different parts of the world.

B−3: In autumn 2004 a new governmental body was created in Russia to protect the country’s natural resources. C−7: Ten years ago we only spoke about it, now it’s happening before our eyes. The Arctic sea ice is disappearing; glaciers are melting faster every year. It presents a lucky combination of pleasant climate and man-made attractions.

It was because the quality papers were printed on very large pages called ‘broadsheet’.

You had to have expert turning skills to be able to read more than one page.

The tabloids were printed on much smaller pages which were much easier to turn. The desire to attract more readers has meant that in the twentieth century sometimes even the broadsheets in Britain look rather ‘popular’. If you go into any newsagent’s shop in Britain you will not find only newspapers.

They give a lot of coverage to scandal and details of people’s private lives. What matters most for all newspaper publishers is making a profit. You will also see rows and rows of magazines for almost every imaginable taste. As in many other European countries, Britain’s main newspapers are losing their readers.They concentrate on ‘human interest stories’ which often means scandal. Not so long ago in Britain if you saw someone reading a newspaper you could tell what kind it was without even checking the name.There are specialist magazines for many popular pastimes. They think that the ability to travel far and frequently is their right.There are around 3,000 of them published in the country and they are widely read, especially by women. People can spend up to two or three hours commuting to London or another big city and arrive back at their homes in the countryside only late in the evening.People think that rainforests have already had enough attention. Unfortunately the rainforest is still in danger and can be destroyed completely. Environmental problems are serious and we have to deal with them immediately.

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