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The “fun” of these pictures comes from the discomfort of the other person.Touching Rossetter’s inner thighs during a performance wasn’t a game the two were playing – it was an established, powerful actor taking advantage of someone when she couldn’t react.

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Have millennials become so delicate that a compliment is going to offend them? The problem is, however, that the people most worried about this have a very different idea of what “compliments” look like. “Your tits are amazing and I’d love to stick my dick between them” isn’t. The guys following women, talking about their asses, legs or demanding that she smile and talk to them aren’t paying them compliments.

And despite what many will insist, the men who’re saying “hey, you’re beautiful” aren’t doing women any favors either.

People as diverse as British MPs and Hollywood actors have all begun to speak up about how we may be going too far, while Fox News worries that sexual harassment claims may spoil the office Christmas party. So let’s talk a little about how one can flirt in a post Weinstein world.

But while it’s easy to laugh at the men who clutch their ties and worry that an errant “good morning” might kill their career or that sexual harassment awareness might kill people’s ability to flirt and socialize… Is there a real chance that innocent flirting might be mistaken for harassment? they grabbed somebody’s butt, nor did their belt suddenly have a structural failure causing their pants to pool around their ankles at an inopportune moment.

Being a klutz or having really unfortunate timing isn’t leaving people branded with a scarlet H.

Now, there are undoubtedly times when people have fucked up in incredibly mortifying ways.

Rossetter didn’t expose herself to her coworkers because she thought it would be funny; her nudity was the appeal.

And that’s what makes the difference between flirting and harassment.

By being so sensitive – so the argument goes – we run the risk of killing romance entirely.

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