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They are a part of your history so you cannot forget them, but you do need to be considerate of others feelings. There is nothing more annoying than a guy/woman talking about their ex non stop. I am supportive and a good listener, however I do have a breaking point.If this guy keeps going on and on about his ex, then he's carrying emotional baggage and needs to sort himself out before he takes up with someone else.

I'd give him some amount of time to turn to other topics, and in mean time you have the opportunity to LEARN about him from what he says of his ex (always bearing in mind that he might be completely misrepresenting her). I also recently spent time with a guy who spoke constantly about his ex, both on the phone and in person--and ONLY about her flaws.

At some point, I found myself wondering whether he was actually interested in learning about ME.

They're still in too much pain, and either (1) aren't aware of, or (2) don't care if they hurt someone

I kind of agree with Rune--if you like him I wouldn't just DUMP him.

I feel like if I wait for them to talk first my future will be filled with cats and no one else. I've never been a shy person, but I've also never been good at small talk! Let him come over and say the first word and figure out how to keep the conversation going. Kelsie, As a woman, it is not your job to keep the conversation going. One of them gets hit on directly without even knowing it all the time. Your bait is to look so good they have to meet you. Try to put the makeup on so it looks just like a natural person.

Kelsie, As a woman, it is not your job to keep the conversation going. Greenie Target on something he is holding, doing, or wearing. Or in a bookstore you see him holding a book, first the nature of the book queues you if he's a person you would have common interest with, second make a comment... but a genre you have interest in, say "I've never read anything by [fill in author name], is he/she good? " or while looking at the books you see a guy in the same genre... If you want to attract a man, look your best at all times. You can't let the guard down even to take out the trash. My husband told me he asked me out instead of another person because she wore so much makeup. I think this move has been done in the movies, but what if you "accidentally" bump into them and drop a small bag of groceries or something?

But if he just talking about her & things they did in a fashion like you might do about an old friend or is he just relaying things they did together, well in my mind I'm okay with it.

As far as POF ppl being screen out that have been divorced for less than a year, that is insane.

Most guys would kill to have a single woman show some interest in them. Have your business card ready (or make some up) and be ready to be able to give the lucky guy one if you feel that you have made a connection with him. I am also way off on the "look good at all times" thing.

Inviting him for coffee or a lunch is a safe invite. see, I'm a little off on the look good at all times thing (I get a lot of appearance compliments, but I don't cake on makeup wear short skirts and parade around)... Maybe I'm wrong for being more direct than that, but I know and am friends with plenty of really great fun intelligent guys that are completely oblivious to those signs... Some of the best guys are the ones that are too scared to approach no matter the signals. I go through phases where I'll dress well for a while but then I slip back into where I'm at now -- looking like a bag lady. I suck at small talk; the kind where you're at a party, and you're introduced to someone and you should probably be talking to them, but you can't because you're too busy wracking your brain trying to think of something to talk about....aaaahhhhh!!! I'm trying to figure out why it's easier for me to make small talk with guys than with women, though.

Just means alot of my stories and things I have done had him in it.

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