Dating for pot smokers

We've spent over 2.5 TRILLION dollars fighting the "war" on drugs, that's 2.5 Trillion dollars we could have spent on eliminating people starving to death, 2.5 TRILLION dollars we could have spent creating legitimate long lasting jobs instead of filling prisons, and that's 2.5 Trillion that will have zero lasting effect on this planet and that creates more criminals than reformed citizens.

Even if you don't agree with Marijuana being legal, surely you can agree the future of our country isn't worth throwing down the toilet because of a witch hunt that started decades ago, yes?

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Absolutely no reason to call someone a dumb ass for their beliefs, no matter how misguided they are- not that Ontario woman's beliefs are misguided, I'm just talking in general. turns out, he was an abusive a-hole all along, He was just too stoned to have any outbursts... you don't know who someone REALLY is when they are clean, unless they are clean when you date them...

The thing is, I would argue most pot heads aren't as high as people think they are by the way you make it sound. Having a war on drugs doesn't help anyone but the pockets it lines and the prisons it populates.


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