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"Ja [Rule] wrote a song with him and Mariah singing back and forth on the title track," Gotti said.

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Rumors are buzzing that Mariah Carey‘s engagement ring from Nick Cannon was actually recycled from his old fiancee Selita Ebanks!

The two rings on both the pop princess and Victoria’ Secret model are eerily similar! UPDATE: According to, the pair already got married yesterday!

Carey's camp said the messages were not from Carey.

Em used Carey's name yet again in a few they "did have a relationship for about a good six, seven months" and said that "the fact that she denied [they] ever had something" bothered him.

She had to get his permission to leave the property, and even then she'd have to be shadowed by a "chase car." (She later reportedly refered to the home as "Sing Sing.") ) that it was "absolutely wrong and inappropriate" to become romantically involved with Carey, adding that he is "truly sorry for any discomfort or pain that all of my good intentions inevitably caused her, and most of all for the scars it left on my two oldest children." Carey and Jennifer Lopez had a longstanding, seemingly one-sided feud that made headlines when Carey infamously quipped, "I don't know her" when asked about J. Rumor has it, Mottola played a big role in that beef.

Record producer Irv Gotti explained to album by pilfering a sample and a song style she intended to use on the record to Lopez.Just when everyone thought it was over, Eminem released "Bagpipes from Baghdad" in 2009, calling Carey another slew of sexist names and attacking her then-husband Nick Cannon.Cannon responded on his blog (via ), and Carey responded by mocking Eminem in her "Obsessed" video.With that many factors at play, the couple may have been doomed from the start, but it gets even worse.Every person must have the come across the name Mariah Carey at some point in their life. 1 debuts in Billboard Hot 100 history, Mariah has become a household name.The shortstop and the singer reportedly kept their relationship very quiet, only confirming they'd dated after they split in 1998, well after her divorce from Mottola in 1997.

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