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If the person matches our check list and we are experience feelings of fun, excitement and playfulness …we tend to go into a profound state of attraction quickly.

And it really doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman or Martian… maybe NOT Martian.) However, because there is approximately and 8% difference in the way men’s brains are wired and women’s brains work. Rapidly changing social and cultural roles for men and women have also dramatically shifted how we go about our finding the right person.

Using an evenhanded and nonjudgmental approach, Ellis and Harper offer help for bettering relationships and developing lifelong bonds with friends, children--even in-laws--as well as significant others.

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The unique qualities and characteristics women are biologically and socially hardwired to respond to that causes them to experience extreme attraction and even arousal when a guy really exhibits these traits (hint… Match that checklist and your special someone will move heaven and earth to keep you all to themselves. Become skillful at meeting and attracting anyone you want and keep them wanting you.

it has nothing to do with a great car, Six Pack Abs, Brad Pit/Angelina Jolie looks or even Six Figure Income) You’ll also learn Exactly Why the average women are NOT happy with the Average Man and How to AVOID Being the Guy Who Always Gets stuck In the Friend Zone… You’ll also learn Precise Methods for Rocking Your Date or Mates World Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. If you are tired of perpetually Getting stuck With Guys Who Only Have Potential but Never Seem to Achieve It.

As a result women are often left settling for less than fulfilling relationships, the kind where she can never fully relax, let go be fully a woman and stop being the manager and boss.

Plus women tend to rapidly lose respect for beta male behaviors…

What Body Language Cues Tell Me it’s time to eject from the interaction.

In this three day I’ll personally teach you the most tried and true methods for approaching anyone without fear or Rejection. You will also learn to understand men in a whole new way so that you can literally know sort the good ones from the Nightmares.

How to invite the right people to approach you and what to do when the wrong try to approach you so you can feel secure and confident when talking to strangers. How to keep a man happy satisfied and loyal What to look for if you suspect your man is cheating How to stop attracting the ones you don’t want and become ultra-magnetic to the exact kind of man you do want.

How to move from perfect stranger to completely connected in as little as 20 minutes. If you are finally ready to get the love you want, the way you want it.

Give me just 3 solid days and I’ll show you how to practically take all the guess work out of meeting dating catching and keeping the man or woman of your dreams and have them practically falling in love with you in as little as 20 minutes ethically, honestly, Fast and EASY!

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