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In 1887 electric street car service was begun, serving a more widespread area including Old Town and University Heights.

The direct ancestor of MTS, the San Diego Electric Railway Company, was founded in 1891 by John D. Spreckels purchased several existing transit companies and converted them all to electric operation.

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Dating mts by

Pratt Product: Made flatware Mergers: Took over George W. 1873 - 1879 Marks: Mark reads: Rogers & Sons Greenfield, Mass Wm.

This is a big one that will take some time as well. Years: 1841 - 1855 Made: Coin silver Mergers: Became Rogers Bro.

Place: Hartford, Connecticut Years: 1900 - 1929 Mergers: Absorbed by Wm. Meriden Connecticut Founded: January 1, 1857 Manufactured: Holloware Flatware Founders William Rogers Sr.

in 1918 Absorbed by Oneida in 1929 Marks used by Oneida Marks: Rogers, Smith & Co. (but they are related and end up in the same place) Rogers, Smith & Co.

This means that this post will probably be edited several times. Place: Danbury, Connecticut Years: 1869 - 1922 - Early 1950s Founders: Nathaniel Burton Rogers Cephas B. Rogers II manufactured under Rogers name until 1950s.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. Rogers Rogers & Hamilton Company Place: Waterbury, Connecticut Years: 1886 - 1898 Mergers: Merged with International Silver Company 1898 Founders: Charles Alfred Hamilton William H.

The second thing to think about are the backstamps or marks. Years: 1853 - 1861 Founders: William Rogers Asa Rogers Jr. Place: Hartford Connecticut Years: 1871 - 1879 Mergers: Merged with Wm. Moved to: Taunton, Massachusetts 1886 - Present 1955 Bought by National Silver Company Bought by J.

Many companies used marks with the name Rogers in it. (Star) Rogers & Brothers, 12 (Star) R & B Manor Plate This marks is found on hollowware Church and Rogers Years: 1825 - 1841 Founders: William Rogers and Joseph Church Rogers Brothers Manufacturing Company Rogers Bros. Simeon Rogers Mergers: Merged with Rogers, Smith & Co. Rogers & Brothers Place: Meriden Connecticut Year: 1866 - 1903 Founders: Cephas B. Rogers Mergers: Bought out by International Silver Co, in 1903 Trademarks retired by International Silver Company Rogers & Cole Place: New Britain Connecticut Year: 1830 - 1832 Founders: Asa Rogers Jr.

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) (or sometimes abbreviated SDMTS or Metro) is the public transit service provider for Central, South, Northeast and Southeast San Diego County, in the United States.

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