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In May 1999, Graham took Rachel on a picnic where she tried to end their relationship.

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On 7 December 1995, Rachel and Chris got married with Jack Sugden and his wife, Sarah, as witnesses.

Chris wanted them to have another child and went for fertility treatment but Rachel secretly went on the pill.

Rachel arrived in Beckindale in 1988 with her mother Kate and brother Mark after her parents divorced.

Her mother began a feud with Joe Sugden in late 1988 after he shot and killed her dog because it was bothering his sheep.

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Got an event that's not listed or need to update your events details?However, in early 1989, Joe and Kate fell in love and were married in April that year and Rachel was more accepting of her mother's new relationship unlike her brother Mark who wanted their parents to reconcile.Rachel began an affair with married man Pete Whiteley on her 18th birthday.Lynn later got her revenge on Rachel by embarking on a relationship with Rachel's former stepfather, Joe.On 30 December 1993, a plane exploded over Beckindale, killing Rachel's brother, Mark. Rachel then began giving Chris swimming lessons and they embarked an affair.Chris and Rachel split up after Chris betrayed Rachel by stealing private information from her work file and Rachel was granted custody of Joseph.

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