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But there were also other avenues for social interaction long before the Internet exploded onto the mainstream consciousness.

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But as it expanded beyond just a privileged few hubs and nodes, so too did the idea that connected computers might also make a great forum for discussing mutual topics of interest, and perhaps even meeting or renewing acquaintances with other humans. Related: Mullets reigned supreme in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s; computers were a far rarer commodity.

Machine languages were bewildering, and their potential seemingly limited.

So far we have completed a Poll of 100 singles who have used in the last 2 months and the results of this survey are below.

The oversiding concensus is that is not a scam, hower the definition of a scam seem to vary greatly between males and femails- so we suppose that the question is: what do you expect to get in return for your membership subscription?

Compu Serve allowed members to share files and access news and events.

But it also offered something few had ever experienced – true interaction.Pimpma Space is in no way, shape or form related or affiliated with, My or any other social networking site mentioned within these pages.Images and tools used on this site are user submitted.Those forums proved tremendously popular and paved the way for the modern iterations we know today.But if there is a true precursor to today’s social networking sites, it was likely spawned under the AOL (America Online) umbrella.Why not read or reviews and see what is actualy on offer So, do you feel that, or do you feel that the service has not lived up to your expectations? – If so we would love to hear about it, so why not share what your experince of the site was?

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