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The ornamental lines of the water-wave designs are taken from well-known Chinese paintings of the past. Strong in water sports, she reflects the blue Olympic ring.Jingjing makes children smile — and that’s why he brings the blessing of happiness wherever he goes.And while he inspires all with the passion to run faster, jump higher and be stronger, he is also open and inviting.

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Each of Fuwa has a rhyming two-syllable name — a traditional way of expressing affection for children in China.

Beibei is the Fish, Jingjing is the Panda, Huanhuan is the Olympic Flame, Yingying is the Tibetan Antelope and Nini is the Swallow.

Her golden wings symbolize the infinite sky and spread good-luck as a blessing wherever she flies.

Swallow is also pronounced “yan” in Chinese, and Yanjing is what Beijing was called as an ancient capital city.

Y ou can see his joy in the charming naivety of his dancing pose and the lovely wave of his black and white fur.

As a national treasure and a protected species, pandas are adored by people everywhere.

Like the Five Olympic Rings from which they draw their color and inspiration, Fuwa will serve as the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carrying a message of friendship and peace — and good wishes from China — to children all over the world.

Designed to express the playful qualities of five little children who form an intimate circle of friends, Fuwa also embody the natural characteristics of four of China’s most popular animals — the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow — and the Olympic Flame.

Among the kite designs, the golden-winged swallow is traditionally one of the most popular.

Nini’s figure is drawn from this grand tradition of flying designs.

In China you have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate.

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