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Then I saw it in the window at my local LEGO store, & it was a done deal within 2 minutes. Spent about 8-10 hours putting it together with a few breaks.Considering the difficulty of recreating Voltron & making it look like the real thing, this is a great design & build.Anglia is a trademark owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company. WIZARDING WORLD trademark and logo © & ™ Warner Bros.

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Besides, as far as playing with Voltron goes it's the FORMING VOLTRON! All my kids want to see is me switching him between Voltron and the separate lions.

They flew the lions around a bit (like 10 seconds) and then say "Let's form VOLTRON.... " I wish there was a 4.9 star level because while this set is AMAZING, it's juuuuuuust shy of the perfection of the Saturn V rocket. Grew up in the 80's with Transformers, Voltron, & Gobots all running a close tie behind what I'd have to admit was my overall favorite toy - LEGO's.

In the spirit of perfect 80's-themed sets to offer, I'd really love to see more "combiners" like Transformers' Devastator & Predaking. My daughter (6yo) was building a lion while I was building a lion. Lots of unique building techniques in the lions and how they combine. Very impressed with how taking standard bricks can make the heads look like the cartoon lions.

LEGO would once again have my money as fast as I could hand it over. Highly recommend this set for any fan of Voltron or LEGOS. There was a lot of special pieces to accommodate being true to the design.

The image on the sticker wasn't centered exactly, so even if you apply the sticker DEAD center on the tile properly, it makes the print look off center.

I'll be mentioning this to LEGO customer service and I'm sure they'll help so I'm not going to rant about it. Now on the great stuff: Just when I think I've seen the most clever connections/building techniques LEGO can throw at me, they go on and blow me away again!

Ideal for display or to recreate thrilling action from the original 1980s animated Voltron TV series and the modern Dream Works Voltron: Legendary Defender series.

Let's the get the bad stuff out of the way -- this may not apply to you, but my stickers weren't printed properly.

While you come across a few little things here & there, they really nailed it.

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