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We are a Free service, no fees to pay, and no advertising material.Collar Ncuffs was created with You the user in mind, and run by people who are active in the Femdom community and Fetish education.

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They enjoy BDSM and all things related to domination and humiliation.

The live sessions give you a chance to sample what it be like if you ever decided to take it to the next level and visit a real-life dungeon.

One day we got a new male chatter in the room he made the comment "with out this place and you guys, I would feel so alone." It struck a cord with me, I like to have the belief that everyone has a place and shouldn't feel alone, or have to pay a fee to belong.

There should always be somewhere you can turn too, just to talk, or just to know there are others just like you.

Other people go further and start exploring these desires, often secretly, and often with feelings of guilt.

Be sure, if you do have these feelings, fantasies and desires, that you are not alone.

It can be an enormous help to know that there are others, with needs and desires just like yours, whose guidance and advice can help you find your feet.

There are many people in the Femdom community--Dominants, submissives, sadists, masochists, bondage enthusiasts, etc.--who are only too happy to talk to newcomers and offer advice.

Maybe your just starting out on your Femdom journey or your femdom relationship or marrage and seek the support of others, even just having an interest in Femdom is enough of a reason to be here at collar

The world of Femdom is a wonderful fascinating place, But finding your way around the terms and hype can be daunting to say the very least, then finding your own place once you are inside is not easy.

Or maybe your fantasies are inspired by images of slaves ttending to your every need.

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