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Somewhere in the exchange of e-mails, they ask you for the total amount to secure the room for them to move in.

This is where I stopped the e-mail conversation, as it was getting too sketchy and just didn’t feel right.

They may even cash it if you have an account with them.

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I didn’t want anyone to move in without first meeting them in person. Based on my research, if you did reply to the scammer’s e-mail with the total amount, the scammer would send you a check, or very often some kind of international money order, for more than the total amount needed to secure your room.

They might say it is a money order for their scholarship or an employer’s paycheck.

Let me know at once if i can trust you to have the funds sent to the delivery representatives once you get the check, Kindly write me back as soon as you receive this e-mail. Matilda Atkinson 240-284-3363 ( text only ) Third email: Thanks for getting back to me with the information requested.

I got the information and I’ll have it forwarded to my Dad to issue out payment to you on time.

I have experience with renting, and I obviously pay on time.

Second email: Hello, How are you doing, I am here to talk to you about my Car and Study Equipment’s, i am planning on having them delivered to you before my arrival so that i can settle in comfortably when i arrive, you can understand that transporting them by myself wont be easy so i made an arrangement with a car delivery person to deliver the car and the study tools before my arrival.How the Scam Works The scammers or purported roommates make initial contact with you, stating that they are interested in renting your room, but cannot visit because they are overseas or have a tight time constraint and can’t make the time.The scammer insists they are easy going and would like to move. They might be a medical school or college student, or perhaps starting a new computer or modeling job, and they might even be arriving with their parents.The payment for the rent and deposit plus the delivery funds for the Car and my Study Equipment’s has been included in the check on its way to you now.I’ll really appreciate if you can do this for me and promise to compensate you adequately for your time and efforts on my arrival.If you would like to know more about me, don’t hesitate to contact through my DIRECT EMAIL ONLY…[email protected] me: I’ve seen much of the world. I like to do social activities such as hiking, or to go out for a casual drink.

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