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O.'s handle What pack rats do What paper towels do What paper towels do to a What papers eventually do for chicken What partyers raise What passes may lead to, What patients may need pa What patients need, for s What payments may be in What Pay Pal facilitates What PC gurus provide What PCs supposedly do when left in casing What people are on during What people are saying, b What people follow when t What people in relationsh What people often do for What people say is 'You and me are getting older'What people think of you, What people who head for What peripatetic philosopher does is obvious What philosophes get What phorid flies are imp What physio may use to kill yak making ascent What pi may be used to fi What Piaf had indoors at intervals - waders What pie-eyed people feel What pilot does when seeing problematic rubbish bins filled What pirate radio DJ did above 25, or medium in 18 19 made a volte-face What planes do after land What players don't have t What poets generally do, Keats and Yeats don't What police set up to monitor major events What pollsters need What pollution in the Sar What Polonius hid behind What poor guy bared in pants?

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What may have the makings What may help Kindle’s method of identifying date What may help one live an What may hold a world of What may make one go and run into bar What may make you bats? What might be certain to describe answer: having a skull What might be chewed and regularly clued What might be n-nose? What might be volatile row becomes even more piquant What might cause one to throw up in Dakota?

What may follow you What may get solvers to veto electoral system? What may reduce leaks is fool acquiring some form of tact What may release smoke in YMCA's kitchen disastrously What may soothe infant with head dropping What may start climactica What may stop you getting a six-pack? What Michelangelo produce What might appeal to cannibal or neoliberal What might be a knockout?

What might occasion a “Gesundheit”What might prevent a stri What might prevent you fr What might scupper this cricket team? What Miss Muffet ate What Miss Muffet believed What mobsters pack What modest people lack What mold might do at an What money is to some What moons do after full What Moses did What Moses parted (2 wds.)What most couples try to What most fish have to be weighed on What most L. Lakers gam What most Mormons do What most of hail is What moves a cat to sit on the fence? What one does in polo gives trouble What one gets from the ho What one gets reading poe What one has in possession of sentence or sentience?

What might make molehills What might make one restless? What might make your setter itch to escape, you tell me? What ochlophobists fear What often grows attached What oil cleanups clean u What oil helps dissolve What old enemies may do What one cold year could be?

What many a pop song has What many a word has What many a young boy wan What many Americans will What many an addict is What many are forced to l What many audiences face What many basketball play What many brothers are al What many do on a day off What many fifth graders h What many incumbents do What many Latter-day Sain What many older parents f What many pitched basebal What many text messages a What many villains come t What many workers look fo What Mao Zedong once led What Map Quest requests What Marcie called 52-Dow What marks and francs hav What matches are made of What mattresses do over t What may accumulate in th What may appear after was What may be blown from building site, with fellows excited What may be coming after What may be cool and refreshing on back around lunchtime? What may be dropped in 3 with a feeling of irritation What may be followed by i What may be mostly behind burning?

What lost computer data m What lotus-eaters enjoy What lumberjacks leave What lurks in the hearts What luxury goods have What M&M's do What Macbeth sees as public demonstrations of feeling What machmeters measure What made-to-measure clothes should do, every now and then What maids do is decline place to sleep What major retailers do What makes a bivalve move What makes a bloom blosso What makes a female regularly covet Seth, the actor and comedian What makes a hole in everything, we’re told What makes a man mean? What makes conditions better and speeds up complaints procedures for customer? What makes CV an authoritative source What makes daughter a palace attraction? What makes people write LWhat makes racy type on pole put her foot down? What makes you you What maligned celebrities What many a baby throws? Sahara neighbor W.'s political affiliatio W., e.g.: Abbr. What power lines near cor What pregnancies produce? What happens if Macron declares Frexit, going AWOL? What insulin regulates th What intersecting lines c What invaders hope to make What is actor Stewart Gra What is admitted by courageous witness What is an average round of golf by Trump, in short? What graffiti may signify What Greece has that Germ What greedy people want What green might ripen in What grout may separate What gumshoes charge in t What gymgoers show off, s What Hail Mary passes rar What hailstones do What hairdresser might do is decided in advance What Hamlet called Poloni What Hamlet never called What happened when I spil What happens as soon as ingesting remedy with regular repetitions? What happens when Kansas What has appeal, regularly, for artist at work? What Henry VIII wanted What Hercules captured fr What high rollers roll What higher prices may pr What Hillary didn't do, and what 9 19D insists he doesn't have? What includes Post Office counter's opening time What Indian cooks play? What infidels do beside evil rebels What initially remains in the laundry? What cop might have on jerk kidnapping French #1What corn kernels attach What could alleviate the gloom caused by Spooner's vulgar dispute? What could possibly interest foodies ignoring the starter and staring into space?

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