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I start the song again and listen to the mallets hitting the cymbals.

This song along with the rest of the recording is a panning masterpiece.

Late in the evening, the host put on music to get people dancing.

got my ears on So, I pop on 10 and with one 5 second adjustment on the canopy over the receiver I start listening.

I have my tape measure by just so I can paint a little picture.

I invite you to join in and ask questions and make observations.

Many times while reviewing a piece of music I'll have listeners jump in for the ride. "I think we will pick up the Abbey Road Experience here since there has been interest from several people.

These are both very important cause they make the movement of the guitar very pleasing as they support the space and fill it with a sound wall deep and rich.

Once the drums make it to the right side the stage is full of air and stays full to greet the vocals.

The crickets (sounds like a single cricket) are 35' wide and 25' deep start to finish.

There is a very nice movement that happens with no jumps across the stage and not a cricket near the speakers ever.

One of Glover’s co-workers was Tony Dockery, another temporary hire.

The two worked opposite ends of the shrink-wrapping machine, twelve feet apart.

I don't know how to get a hold of her..anyone does please Message me... here's where we left off hi Sonic For years I have encouraged people to get involved with me in listening. The very first thing I do when starting with Abbey Road is go to the 10th track to develop my starter stage.

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