Infopath validating event

In this video; Lynn Tao demonstrates this concept and how to apply it in Access 2013.

Microsoft Access 2013 enables you to export Access data to other applications better able to manipulate it.

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In this video; Gary Leenhouts discusses the different mode in which databases can be viewed.

Structured Query Language; or SQL; is what Microsoft Access 2013 uses when building any query.

As with any relational database; Microsoft Access 2013 lets you create specific relationships between tables and fields.

There are a set of rules; also known as referential integrity; that ensure the table relationships are enforced.

Microsoft Access 2013’s macros ease and regulate data entry by automating interaction with the user interface through events customized in the Macro interface.

In this video; Gary Leenhouts uses the Macro interface’s Expression Builder to configure actions governing selected form field events.By having an understanding of SQL; you will be able to build and edit queries directly in the SQL window.In this video; Gary Leenhout uses Query Builder to create a query before explaining the syntax behind the query while in SQL View.In Access 2013; you can modify the number of databases and folders you want to be displayed as well as pin folders or include recent databases for quick access.In this video; Lynn Tao discusses how to customize the list of recently opened databases and folders.In this video; Gary Leenhouts demonstrates how to import and append data from an Excel spreadsheet to an existing table.

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