Intimidating girlfriend

The complaint states Strawn showed her a rope, and he asked her if she wanted to see if he could choke her out with it. He told her he had sharpened it, and started touching her rib cage with it.He made several threatening gestures with the knife, and she told him it was freaking her out and to put the knife away.

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About a month ago, a girl sent me a text saying how much she enjoyed our time together and she wants more. I have to tell all my female friends not to call my house. She sees you as a cheater and believes that you are having an affair with every woman who calls you.

I said to myself, "If my girlfriend knew that I could have gotten girls all night, she would behaved herself." I went back home before morning thinking that she had quieted down, but it was more worries when I went home.

According to the charges, 911 dispatchers received two calls, one from Strawn’s ex-fiance, who said he had assaulted her with a knife.

She said the two got into an argument, and he held a knife to her throat. Officers tried to make contact with Strawn at the front door, and he ignored commands to show his hands.

The misdemeanour charge will be filed Thursday, said Paradise Valley city attorney Andrew Miller. "I have done absolutely nothing wrong," Hardaway said.

Hardaway is accused of intimidating Latasha Mc Cray outside his home Nov. "There are two sides to this story and in this case, the allegations surrounding my actions have been misrepresented." Moments before the Suns played San Antonio on Wednesday night, Hardaway told reporters he would fight the charge.He said not to talk to her father, and that something bad could happen to hm.She asked if he was threatening her father, and he got upset, choked her with his left hand and held a knife with his right hand to her throat.I put a pin on my phone, and I had to take it off because she threatened to destroy the phone. It must be very tough for you trying to convince her that that's not true.I cheated on my girlfriend when she was pregnant with our second child. I believe that this is why she searches your phone all the time and when you put a pin on your phone, she threatened to destroy the phone.But, as I said, perhaps a counsellor would be able to tell her not to believe everything that she sees on your phone.

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