Intimidating men

A couple days later, Bender was on his bed when he suddenly had a dizzy spell.

He noticed several dark shapes in the room with him that slowly materialized into men in black suits with black hats obscuring their eyes and faces.

The strange men sat down at a nearby picnic table, looked over at Larry, and then reentered their van and left just as mysteriously as they had arrived. Albert Bender was the director of an amateur organization called the International Flying Saucer Bureau and he believed that he had finally blown the lid off the whole flying saucer thing.

He noticed in particular that the men’s eyes lit up with an incredible glow and they seemed capable of speaking directly to his mind.

They made him promise to destroy his findings and cease all of his research into the subject—Bender was so scared that he was only too happy to comply.

Others believe that they are experimental cyborgs in the employ of the government.

The truth behind the men in black is still shrouded in mystery, and we may never know the identity of these strange stalkers.

The details and motives sometimes vary, but even stranger are the variations in the descriptions of the men in question.

While some tales simply describe them as cold, aloof gentlemen wearing black suits, others say that they get an uncanny vibe from those who visit them.

The stories tell of men who are unnaturally bald, men who talk in an almost robotic voice and wear lipstick over lipless mouths.

Some suggest that they are from another world, disguising themselves as humans to learn our ways.

Awhile later, he was out on his usual delivery run when he came by the foreboding building again.

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