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Instagram Leigh-Anne auditioned for X Factor soon after finishing her A Levels Where did Leigh-Anne Pinnock grow up?

Leigh-Anne is from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire – and cites Mariah Carey as her biggest influence.

The girls were the first group to ever win X Factor, and she toured the UK in October and November 2017, with the Little Mix Glory Days Tour.

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The girls all failed to progress as individuals, and the judges put them into two different bands.

Perrie and Jesy were a part of the four-member group Faux Pas, while Leigh-Anne and Jade were part of a three-piece called Orion.

But modern-day feminists are still wringing out their “I’m With Her” crying towels and snubbing Conway’s historic victory because, well, she’s a Republican.

Without any sense of irony, they ignore the achievements of a self-made woman (Conway), while lamenting the loss of a candidate who earned fame and power largely because of her husband.

Yet the pearl clutching by the female left went into overdrive after Trump was elected, with women weeping and fearing for their daughters—as if Trump is a one-man Boko Haram ready to swipe them out of their classrooms and turn them into drink cart girls.

Now that President-Elect Trump is appointing women to key posts such as UN Ambassador, Secretary of Education, and Deputy National Security Advisor, their anger is rising rather than abating. The stunning singer has Bajan and Jamaican ancestry.Before joining Little Mix, Leigh-Anne had just finished her A-Levels and was working as a waitress in Pizza Hut – she now has her own fashion blog, called Leigh Loves, on Tumblr.She’s now poised to become either White House press secretary, or the most sought-after political consultant in the world.After taking the helm of the listless Trump campaign in August, Conway helped shape a more disciplined candidate, with a message focused on a stronger economy and national defense.But when people put a microphone in front of your face for three decades, you’re bound to have to live down a trove of dumb comments.

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