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“We went up against a ballot initiative that threatened to divide our community – to really enable discrimination against some already vulnerable people in our community – and we came out of it so much better,” Lennon, 19, said.William Cummings/USA TODAYArizona | Dagoberto Bailon At 8 years old, Dagoberto Bailon crossed the U. border from Mexico and remembers thinking he was taking field trip.C., six months after coming out as transgender, didn't report her assault to police and shared the incident with very few people.

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The stories given most attention followed a formula: a prominent female survivor and a powerful male perpetrator.

Many felt these stories were elevated at the expense of poor survivors, survivors of color, disabled survivors and nonbinary or queer survivors – people whose identities put them at greater risk for sexual violence."Queer people ...

Seven percent said the police were hostile and 12 percent said that the police were indifferent in their interactions.

Mc Bride, who says she was sexually assaulted during her junior year of college in Washington, D.

A queer teen who is shunned by his family and community is a more likely target for a sexual predator.

A transgender person struggling to find employment is more likely to be homeless, which increases the risk of sexual victimization."It's the most personal violation you can perpetuate against somebody without murdering them," Houser said.Discrimination also means LGBTQ survivors are less likely to seek help from police, hospitals and rape crisis centers.She organized a Pride event in her small town of Talkeetna for the second year.As a field organizer for the Fair Anchorage campaign, the transgender teen worked against a “bathroom bill” initiative that was defeated in April.we are somehow so undesirable that people wouldn't sexually assault us, which is a fundamental misunderstanding of both who transgender people are and how sexual assault works."While the perception of the LGBTQ community is that of increasing visibility and acceptance, especially during Pride month, it is a population that continues to face discrimination that makes it more vulnerable to sexual violence.

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