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Hints for, 351 — Selfislmess Revv.ird- ed, 159 — Sewing Machines. He kept me up by his words of hope, love and cheer, and willingly I labored, until my labor became a pleasure, to lift the heavy payments at the appointed time, and make as many improvements as possible before his return.

2 * 256-3-0 — Last Day o[ lire Year, 382 — Lesson lor All, 351-Lincoln's Sympathy, 255 — Lively Out- (loor Gaines.385 — Locomotive The First. In doing for my little family, I hope I am serving my country as every patriotic woman should do, iu trying to raise food for the ' thousands in the field,' and the thousands more to go." Tim Bunker's Raid Among the Pickle Patches. It is mighty hard for old dogs to learn new tricks, and Seth is one of 'em.

Heavy debts are hanging over me, but patient creditors are favoring me. Seth did not follow his big-bellied Dutch pipe a great while, but fell back upon his own tried and trusty clay stump.

Ex Li BRIS The Pennsylvania HORTICULTUfi AL SOCIETY Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation h, A.l..t * * ***Afc^ i, A A i*i*******A* A *. 89— Bread, Small Loaf, 24— Boy in a Predicament, 225— Carlo's Portrait. Portrait of, 320 — Chicken, Hurt, 255 — Children Left Alone. But you need not suppose that Uncle Di is a fool, because he uses rather coarse language, and goes to the tavern oftener than he ought to.

S **AA*t*AAA**i ^^^^^ ' ^' ^ ' '■ ^AA^AA^^x ^^ ^ 1 A^ ■ THE Alj worn FOR THE Farm, Garden, and Honsehold. Lessons, 37-367— The Great West, 367 — Wet Davs at Edge- wood. 367 Boot Legs— Use for 31S Boots and Shoes — Greasing. He is a pretty fair farmer, or would have been called so a dozen years ago.

Cousin Esther and Sally used to be about as thick as blackbirds in the pie, before they were 1865.1 AMERICAN AQRICULTURIST. She liadu't more than read the letter, w hen she said : " Timotliy, it is a dozen years since I have seen Esther, and she used to be the best friend I had before I found you. Noadiah Tubbs (they call him Diah, for short, and sometimes.

25— Good Boy Want- ed, 192— Good Nature, Pre- serving, 191 — Hair, Some- thing Ab(mt. " " I am going down to Shadtown, to take the boat," said I. And if any of the neighbors get into a quarrel, jest tell 'em they'd better make up, for I slian't be back under a week, and there won't be any court." You see the wa}' it came about was this : — Sally got a letter a few weeks ago from her cousin, who married Noadiah Tubbs, thirty years ago, and moved off to Westchester. After he entered the army we bought the farm which we had rented, and he left me as the manager, unbiased and free to do as I thought best. One year ago last August he was commissioned as Captam of Co. Through all the hardships of their vigorous campaign he led his men unshrinking- ly, as his many fellow ofiicers testify, without one murmur.A Acre— One Enough 47 Advnrtisecnents-Endorsing, 304 — Inteiesiing, CO — Nolicing, 333— Wlio Read '; 269 Artvertiseis— Note to, 105— Re- liable, 204— Unieliable f" Ailvertising — Notes nn 40 Advice and Given 310 Advice — Good 336 Aij'l Colleges at Soiilli, 303— "DBpartinent,5-71-l-l 5-232-303- Sll— Department Report, 7- 237— Society, N. 67— April, 104- May, 140— June, 172— July, 204— Aug., 336— Sept., 267— Oct., 2.i',— Nov., 331— Dec 362 Bees— Burying in Winter.*. 7G-147 Bone Charcoal 302 Bones — Breaking Up 204 — Dis- solving 174— Uses, 174-2U4-306 Bonnets- Chapter on 3*. 5— In Farmers' Families, 2'2 — Mothers' Alphabet, 143- Nur- sery Culture. I used to tlunk, before I took to writing for the paper, that I had learned about all I could on farming matters, but I find, as I go about, that every region has some new kink in farming, some special crop that I've never paid much attention to.Y 69 Agriculturist — Loaning 143 A^griculturist—'Nev; Terms,. 207 Beans— Colored, 143 — Concoril 71— Culture of 150— for Bak- ing 6 — Varieties, 4 *. 154 Beecli Leaves — Large 6 Beef for Soldiers 107-142— Gov- ernment Contracts, 206 — Price of 206 Bees. .174 -27.5- How to Hivel44— Ital- ian Hardy 233— Italian Prof- itable 4— Italianizing 43—238 — Priilific Queen 303 Beel— Large 6 Benne or Sesame *.. All around Diah's they grow cucumbers by the thousand. "Well, I didn't mean that," said Seth, " Where are you gwine ? " And then to New York, and up into West- chester county, visiting.

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