Nairobi sex workers online

Although participation is voluntary, and all sign consent forms, some sex workers feel there is not much in it for them.

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After all this research we still remain the same'," Sophia said.

A male sex worker, who wanted to be known as Jonathan, said one of several problems they had with the research was that the consent forms were difficult to understand. Then maybe they give you drugs that make you drowsy or dizzy, but you didn't know this," he said.

The congested streets are still alive and buzzing with activity, which does not show signs of slowing down.

There are revellers enjoying a drink after a long week and small-scale traders taking advantage of them to make a killing.

"The visit to South Africa and the interaction with the San community opened their eyes to the many possibilities.

But it will take some years before they can pull off a code of conduct.He said the average national HIV prevalence in Kenya was 6%, while 28% of Kenyan sex workers were HIV-positive.The focus of most of the Kenyan sex worker research was on the 3% who did not get HIV, despite multiple partners and often unprotected sex. We're still fishing to see what is going on." Asked to comment, Professor Francois Venter of the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute said the idea of a code was "ground-breaking", but warned it was a complex area.Advert from Amazon "We're not far down the path yet.We're also a vulnerable group like the San, but the difference is we are vulnerable by the nature of our jobs.Their idea was born in Cape Town during a conference in March, when a group of Nairobi sex worker delegates watched three South African San groups launch a code of ethics for researchers, intended to encourage the kind of study that was to the mutual benefit of both the San and researchers.

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