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All liberation requires is education and determined use—such as making one’s own license plate and arguing its merits with police and later in court.

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I had not heard of the Religious Sovereign Movement that apparently is spreading across the country.

It is an attempt to overturn our legal system or at least turn it on its head.

As I read this exposition of the movement where all citizens become lawyers (as opposed to priests), interpreting laws as they see fit, I'm led to think of the way we are as a nation as a whole pushing individualism to its extremes. Anyway, take a look at this essay from the University of Chicago Divinity School and Martin Marty Center offered up by Spencer Dew and his student Jamie Wright.

In May of last year, police in Madison County, Tennessee, made a traffic stop of a kind that has been increasingly common in recent years.

Sovereigns look back to a nostalgically re-imagined, more pristine time—a time is defined by laws and other legal texts (treaties, Constitutional Amendments, the Universal Commercial Code, definitions in old editions of law dictionaries).

These are all still accessible and able to be cited can be referenced and discussed.

Second, while sovereign citizens reject certain laws, that rejection is predicated on an idealization of law.

For them, law is divinely ordained and underwritten; it has a transcendent and transformative power.

The 1868 statute allowed immigrants to the United States to renounce their previous citizenship and accept American citizenship, not the other way around.

While generally dismissed by judges as “frivolous,” such legal interpretations tell us a great deal about the religious sovereign worldview.

These beliefs build on the claims and language of race-based new religious movements, or pursue the Christian scriptural logic of a separation between that which belongs to Caesar and that which belongs to God, or expand widespread and thus rather ecumenical narratives about the sacrality of the Constitution and the American experiment).

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