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In an interview with Billboard, music director David Armbrecht explained that the song is a "message of self-empowerment, which is made clear in its triumphant 'Give it to me, I'm worth it! The song speaks to women of "all demographics", he said, explaining that this can be applied to anyone in a "relationship" or "getting out of one" and it is likely that one can get "tired of the games" and deserve better, using the song to do just that."Worth It" takes its music from a variety of instrumentation, as a trap-inspired Roland TR-808, heavy bassline, handclaps and a saxophone as its foundation.Several music critics noted that "Worth It" production is comparable to "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo for similar use of horns.It recorded 48,000 digital sales, a five percent slip from the previous week and a four percent increase at 3.6 million streams.

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Rick Florino from Artistdirect praised "Worth It", giving it a five out of five star rating, claiming the song has "an empowering refrain that's impossible to shake, especially when coupled with a slippery beat".

Conversely, Music Times gave it a positive review stating 'the intense, creeping music of "Worth It" is matched with deep harmonies from 5H and personally positive lyrics".

(You Are My Destiny)" by The Pussycat Dolls in 2009. Directed by Cameron Duddy, the music video has themes of female empowerment with Fifth Harmony dominating men as business executives. The group promoted "Worth It" with several televised performances, including the season twenty-one finale of Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Worth It" was produced and co-written by Norwegian production company, Stargate, consisting of duo Mikkel S.

Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen and Ori Kaplan, with additional writing from Priscilla Renea.

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That is why our membership base is growing on a daily base, more and more people want to find a BBW date online but they don't want to pay to much or use some shady adult dating app.The song was released on January 15, 2015 on streaming and downloading services but officially impacted American rhythmic crossover radio as a single on March 2, 2015.Originally intended for recording by rapper Kid Ink, who ended up collaborating on the song, the lyrics and melody were changed to fit a female perspective.In a mixed-positive review, Amy Davidson, from Digital Spy, noted that "trumpets and saxophones have experienced a resurgence [and Fifth Harmony] have laid it on thick for some serious sax-sampling.'Give it to me I'm worth it,' they determine, dripping with sass." Davidson also stated, "It mightn't be the most groundbreaking of tracks, but it's got enough attitude to forgive that." The following week, the song would rise two spots at a new peak of 39, earning the group their second top 40 hit and their highest charting single at the time of the publication.while the second verse is sung by Camila Cabello, who delivers the song's most suggestive lines, "Come harder just because/I don't like it, like it too soft/I like it a little rough/Not too much, but maybe just enough".

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