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So it appeared in three different documents that we uploaded (stat decs, living together proof, and length of relationship proof). We tried to take as much work out of the process as possible for our C. I’ve also seen it emphasized over and over how important it is to be transparent and thorough.

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Just wait until you’re told to get the medical/police checks and then get them. after reading through forums to see how often it had backfired on other people! We were so hopeful our application would zip right through that we didn’t even consider that it might languish in the immigration queue for months… causing us to need to provide continuing proof of our relationship.

We updated our application when I traveled back to Australia on a tourist visa – on day 112 in our visa application timeline.

The conventional wisdom for years has been to wait until asked by your case officer to get medical and character (police/background) checks. When we submitted our application 6 months later, I only had 6 months validity left on my medical checks! But if our visa hadn’t been approved before the checks expired, I would have had to go back to the doctor and pay for the whole thing all over again!

The same happened with my FBI clearance (I’m American).

I had to leave the country – I took the cheapest flight I could find to get out of OZ for five days – so my 309 visa could be granted and then activated upon my entering the country.) However, submitting a “hey!

I’m going to be in OZ on a tourist visa for the next 90 days” note in our application does involve the subtext of “Hey, we are still in a relationship and still spending exorbitant amounts of money to be together and to arrange our lives together.” The advice now is…

In lieu of a good Australian Partner Visa Checklist, these tips will help you organize as you gather your information: As of the first few months of 2018, wait times are averaging 22 months for onshore applicants, 13 months for offshore applicants, and 13 months for prospective marriage visas… The sooner you pay your Australian Partner visa fee, the sooner you join the queue.

If I’d known this when we applied, we would have paid the application fee the day we became eligible (instead of two months later when we were ready to start gathering documents).

The immigration website was a labyrinth to me, with a ton of info about Australian partner visas sprinkled across multiple website pages.

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