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The second level #SPARKINTHEDARK is about a couple going for a date in the room where the third level #MATCHDATE is finding dates on basis of likes and dislikes basically on compatibility match.

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The format of the show is differentiated into various levels through which the participants are supposed to find their partner or love.

The first level is #ALLIN where it will be a group date including 3 boys and 3 girls into a same Black Box room at the same time.

They’re totally sequestered from the opposite sex but are all looking for love.

While they have no chance of seeing each other in the light, they do have the opportunity to date in a completely dark room.

#LOVEATFIRSTSIGHT is about the chance where one can see others as everybody get to choose among everyone.

At last, there is BALCONY where girls can ask any guy to meet them at the balcony where boys can reject or accept their offer.Looks are taken out of the equation as the men and women get to know each other and form bonds in total darkness. And, to complete the picture, they also get a clue about each other outside the darkroom: photos of their homes, or being able to check out their luggage — anything that conveys information about the single.The singles meet up every day in the darkroom — first as a group, then one on one. And of course, all of their experiences are discussed in detail in each side of the house, with rivalries flaring up when two people set their sights on the same person.Here we have the List of the MTV Dating In the Dark Contestants of India's 2018 Show on MTV Channel.The Contestants in a Dark Room, Won't be Able to see Each Other but you as a TV Viewer can see there movement and everything happening inside House by means of Infrared Camera.The show is hosted by popular television face Nora Fatehi.

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