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Masers in their fundamental action are completely different then vacuum tubes or transistors, while electronics abound with many new techniques and applications, most of these are modifications of pre-existing knowledge and do not represent revolutionary ideas. Noise-Free amplifiers and ultra-stable signal sources are just two Maser applications. Projects from building a crystal set to a three tube broadcast receiver.

A special type of Maser, called the Laser, is a light amplifier and source of coherent light; it is a spectacular by product and the first ever produced by man. (3020729) By IPC-A-600A, Institute Of Printed Circuits September 1970 (Revised).

Here you're going to find many text books, manuals, schematics and other printed matter for and about radio and related items. Covers: most used radio and electronic formulas, engineering and servicing data, interchangeable tube list etc.

This catalog is packed with a variety of radios; Knights, Johnson, Regency CB Transceivers, Microphones such as Astatic D104, Premier crystal mike or the 77L dynamic, Shure mikes and Undine's.

It has 23 pages of tube set-ups for the Dyna-Jet 707. Very good condition, Previous owner did write his name on the cover but found no other markings inside or out. (3020194) Army Technical Manual TM 11-690, published March 1959. Chapters in the book cover such subjects as The history of Transistors and Semiconductors, Transistor functions, Comparison with electron tubes, The fundamental theory of transistors and more.

This is a very large 9" x 11" 982 page hard cover book. This 251 page book is a hard cover book with a good dust jacket and is in excellent near new condition. (3020355) By Walter Cerveny and printed by The Hickok Electrical Instrument Co., 1960.

The purpose of this booklet is to give the reader a full and complete understanding of the theory of transistors, their characteristics, limitations and their potentials.

(3020184) Second Edition, Published by Sylvania Electric, 47 page paperback. Published by Coward-Mc Cann, Inc & Longmans, Green & Co, Toronto Canada 1945. (3020759) Published by Cleveland Institute of Radio Electronics, 1952. Pictures of various broadcasters and radio intertainers from the time.

Construction articles, pictures and schematics of the radios of the day such as The Marcodyne receiver, The Elkay Tube Equalizor System, Crosley four- and five-tube sets, Browning-Drake.

This text is designed to be used as an introductory course in Electrical Engineering. (3020767) This 68 page book published by The Massachusetts Radio and Telegraph School, 1941. A wealth of information on basic theory, design, construction on AM circuits, FM circuits, phono pickups, audio amps and a lot more. (3020451) Commemorative Edition for Allied & Radio Shack. This 1993 edition also includes fire & emergency services, listeners guide and radio codes and many city, county and state frequencies.

The phenomena involved are baffling and appear to be at variance with many known facts that science will have to expand its present frontiers considerably. Chock full of interesting articles and information for the novice as well as experienced DX'ers. (3020401) Americas #1 Reference Guide to Public Safety Radio.

This publication is a compilation of visual Quality Acceptability Guidelines for Printed Wiring Boards prepared by the Reparability and Acceptability Committee of Institute of Printed Circuits. Covering math, radio & electronic formulas, engineering & servicing data, schematic symbols, Ohm's Law, vacuum tube symbols & formulas and more.

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