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Lol his wife is simply amazing about the whole thing ahahaha But all kidding aside, like I said, just because Kira and Scott have made goo goo eyes at each other and have seen each other’s families (mostly during life and death situations), this does not amount to them having officially been dating in either 3B or season 4.

don’t get me wrong, Scott and Kira are my fav pairing and if there was any indication that they were officially dating then I would be the first one screaming it on here ahah lol but unfortunately that is not the case… Then it wasn’t till season 4 that they went on their first proper date which was never really completed so again…

Jonathan Silver Scott (born John Ian Scott, April 28, 1978) is a Canadian reality television personality, contractor, illusionist, and television and film producer.

It has since expanded to include indoor offerings, and their products are available at retailers including Lowe's, Costco, Orchard, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

By the end of 2016, the brand had revenues of over $100 million.

His current home in Las Vegas runs on solar energy.

The twins appeared as chef's table guests in the sixteenth season of Hell's Kitchen.S." policy that means they are always honest with each other when something bothers them, and then try to move on from it; they credit this with helping them get along.Scott has also participated in a Nevada political ad supporting the Yes on 3 campaign, an amendment to the Nevada constitution that would give residents and businesses the right to choose who supplies their electricity, which would introduce a competitive energy market.Initially frightened by his new abilities, Scott sought to cure himself.He's since embraced his supernatural nature and attempts to use his abilities to protect his friends and family against supernatural threats.Drew sat with Melissa Rivers in the blue kitchen, while Jonathan sat with Ashley Greene in the red kitchen.

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