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And slowly but surely, the intimacy in my marriage has a chance to recover! ""I have been using Yes oil based for the past couple of years, recommended by my specialist women's health physiotherapist and find it very helpful for the hypersensitivity of my vulval skin and vulvoydynia, pelvic floor dysfunction.""When I was first diagnosed with lichen sclerosus I had a hard time dealing with my condition and did not think anything was going to work. Now that I have accepted and learned to deal with my condition I have found that your products are the only thing that I can use. ""I'm pretty excited about how clean the products are.

She also took all the information of your company and the product I was using so she could research it more and consider talking to some of her cancer patience about using Yes products since they cannot use anything hormone base products. Every other product I've looked at or tried ( a lot! Have given YES leaflet to my GP who has a special interest in Women's Health and she was attending Women's Health Conference. They have helped with my problem and it is fab that they are all organic so do not have any side effects when using them.

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She was a bit skeptical, but was willing to give me two months of using the VM every other day for 2 months and let my pap exam be the test.

With great results, not only was I able to tolerate the Pap exam - but she was absolutely amazed at how healthy my tissue looked at 56!

There's a lot of shame and frustration with intimate issues, I'm so relieved I discovered Yes VM.""YES products changed my life.

I am commenting in the hope that my experience might be of use to other women.

We just have to talk about (literally) uncomfortable things.

VAGINAL ATROPHY With many endocrinological breast cancer treatments inducing an early menopause, this is something that many of us have become too familiar with, too soon.

I tried a few different brands of vaginal moisturiser (with hilarious/distressing results!

Some brands separated into what I can only describe as "curds and whey", meaning that a while after application I would experience a vaginal flush followed by pellets of cheese- very sexy indeed) before coming across YES - the organic intimacy company! I'm not sponsored by them, but I simply can't endorse this stuff enough! has made my life so much more comfortable: water-based for daily maintenance and oil-based for sexytimes.

But genuinely, after some trial-and-error with similar products, YES has brought me as close to "before-cancer" Hannah as I can be. was concerned about the condition of the intimacy in our marriage because of vaginal discomfort.

Who knew that such power was in a little tube of lube! She wanted me to start using an estrogen based prescription cream - but I chose your VM product instead.

After searching the internet I found Yes VM and when it didn't sting upon application I was happy with the momentary relief.

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