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He swung her legs across his lap and worked his hands up her thigh.

The victim told him to stop and he did, the report states.

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While at the home, he admitted that he kissed and hugged the family’s son, whom he estimated was in his 20s.

Balczeniuk described the boy as having mental difficulties and being a little slow.” Balczeniuk also made statements to a reverend in 2010 that while he was a seminarian in Wyoming County he “touched the genitals of some of the young boys who attended the camp” in the mid-1970s.

Where served: Summary: In September 2002, Bishop James C.

Timlin received a letter from a man who reported he had been sexually abused bi Angelo when he was 14 and while Angelo was at Mater Delorosa in the early 1960s.

He grabbed her wrist tightly, put her hand over her mouth and put her knee in her stomach to hold her down as she struggled.

She begged him not to kill her, and he said he wouldn’t if she would lie quietly. The victim requested the diocese not report the abuse to the Lycoming County District Attorney’s office and the diocese agreed.

Summary: In 2006, the diocese received a letter from a law firm stating it represented a female sexually abused by Crynes from 1974 to 1977, starting when she was 17.

The abuse included fondling, fellatio and intercourse.

When she confronted Crynes during her sophomore year of college, he laughed at her and said he wanted to continue when she was married.

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