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Values programmes, on the other hand, are adopted by managements that care about ethics and look to respond to the concerns of stakeholders.

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Employees’ deep identification with an organization’s identity has been shown to enhance commitment to the organization, job-related motivation and satisfaction, and organization-relevant citizenship behavior.

Recent studies have also shown that employee’s participation in CSR programmes reinforces their experience of corporate identity.

These may be specialized compliance programmes in ethical production in industry or transparency in finance or alternatively, third-party codes such as ISO 26000 and the Global Compact.

These codes are useful because they can be used to control standards in outsourced production locations in such order that monitoring and verification can be carried out ‘on-site’ by external bodies. The purpose of these programmes is to communicate the values that formulate the company’s operations.

This kind of engagement helps break the monotony of an employee’s routine and gives them an outlet to showcase their spirit and talent to a different set of people altogether. Allowing employees to run a CSR programme by forming a programme committee or a CSR committee empowers them to take ownership of the company’s policy making and goals.

For example, App Labs has an ACT chapter in each country, and the ACT team plans and manages volunteers, develops relationships with partners like local NGOs as well as implements the programme and services.

The Institute develops safe and affordable medicines for people with diseases in the developing world by approaching companies for permission to share their intellectual property, engaging scientists for development work and persuading donors to fund clinical trials and to support the distribution of drugs in developing countries.

Through this approach, everyone benefits: research scientists have the chance to develop new ways of curing disease; pharmaceutical companies get some return on their intellectual capital and lastly, poor countries get inexpensive or free drugs that help solve their health problems.

Employee volunteer programmes are probably the most effective and meaningful ways to involve employees in CSR.

Employees may volunteer their time to the company’s own CSR programme or to an external (or partner’s) programme.

Ethical leadership also uses the reward system to encourage and celebrate ethics and hence send the right messages; it builds ethical achievement into performance evaluation and uses compensation and promotion structures to highlight success.

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