Sex chat line milwaukee - Spb mobile weather not updating

With version 1, they started with the Now Screen and Menu, which replaced the Start Menu. Spb certainly started something here; and you’re definitely right about a number of other players throwing their hats into the ring.

Version 2 dug more deeply into your device, with the Contacts Screen and Launcher. HTC has really tried hard with both HTC Home and Touch Flow 3D.

Tapping the alarm panel, however, is where the illusion of Spb Mobile Shell takes a short break, because this will not take you into another Mobile Shell screen.

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Tap on the weather icon to head into the weather sub-panel.

Sadly, this will give you only a four day forecast, as well as a little more detailed breakdown of the weather of the course of a selected date.

This will show you whether you have any new email, text messages, voicemail, or missed calls.

That last one on the right will also show your phone profile.

While I was a bit disappointed to find any path leading to a default Windows Mobile screen, I was pretty impressed by how far I had to dig before I hit it. It would have been nice for Spb to continue their reach down into Windows Mobile but to your point, you had to dig to get there in the first place. 🙂 Doug: One final note on the Weather and Clock sub-panels. Given the fact that most devices now include a GPS, it would have been nice if these sub-panels could access the GPS to set your location.

Instead, you have to select your location from a list.

I did remain disappointed, however, with the continued inaccuracy of the weather forecasts coming out of Spb.

While they are starting to improve, you really cannot rely on it consistently for much more than the current temperature and conditions.

Chris: I swear, Doug, we must be channeling each other.

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