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He began marketing this blend of wheat, bran, and molasses called Postum cereal beverage in 1895. The product was baked for 20 hours, turning the starch into dextrose and creating an easily digested cereal.

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Around the globe, in 140 countries, our 117,000 employees are dedicated to bringing the world its favorite foods.

Brands like Kraft, Jacobs, Philadelphia, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Oscar Mayer and Post.

While the two men were eating, a railroad worker came in and asked for corn flakes.

When the waitress asked which brand he wanted, the man said, "give me Krinkle.

Carroll Post once told an interesting tale about his brother Charles in a letter.

One day the two Post brothers sat at a lunchroom counter where two brands of corn flakes--Post Toasties and Krinkle--were for sale.Post built the company that would become General Foods with a number of promising products and the marvel of modern marketing.In 1891 Post checked into the Kellogg brothers' renowned sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, in hopes of revitalizing his frail health.The groundwork for General Foods was laid by Charles W.Post, a health enthusiast who tried to tempt America's coffee drinkers away from the caffeinic drink with a cereal beverage he called Postum.But no matter what our size, we've never lost sight of why we're here--to help make food a simpler, easier, more enjoyable part of life. is the largest food company in the United States and holds the number two position worldwide, behind Nestlé S. The firm has two main operating units--Kraft Foods North America (KFNA; generating 73 percent of 2000 pro forma revenues) and Kraft Foods International (KFI; 27 percent)--and its brands are divided into five main sectors: snacks (30.6 percent of global revenues; 28 percent of KFNA revenues; 38 percent of KFI revenues), beverages (global, 19 percent; KFNA, 13 percent; KFI, 35 percent), cheese (global, 18 percent; KFNA, 20 percent; KFI, 13 percent), grocery (global, 16.6 percent; KFNA, 19 percent; KFI, 10 percent), and convenient meals (global, 15.8 percent; KFNA, 20 percent; KFI, 4 percent).

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