Tach in bus aaxey

The prototype was built on a chunk of perf board and cobbed up to the engine so measurements could be made.

[The following circuit description is for those of you interested in exactly how the circuit works, so that you can modify or adapt it to your needs.] The raw points signal enters through resistor R1.

Set the unit's switches, hooked it up to a 12 volt power supply, and applied a 12 volt square wave from a Tektronix 114 pulse generator. So I set about to create my own "front end" buffer circuit.

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Free Downtown - Sunport Nonstop Express(Note: At the Sunport the #250 is located on the lower level at the west end of the shuttle island, look for the Bus Stop Signs.

Exact times vary, but most of these routes operate between about 6 a.m.

Getting Started Installing the Tachometer Community Q&A A tachometer is used to indicate the revolutions per minute (RPM) being performed by a car engine.

Spin the engine up a little, and the tach pegs at 7K. So check everything: power and ground measure out at 14.2 volts, with the engine running, so that's OK. [Note: the labeling for the vertical axis in the waveform below is incorrect - it's actually 50 volts / division.

This is to provide better voltage breakdown protection, as resistors are normally rated at 200 volts.

It should be easy to find the parts at Fry's, or on-line (in the USA, Mouser Electronics or Digikey, if nowhere else.) This pic shows the prototype board cobbed into the engine bay for development.

This pic shows why the board was cobbed in where it was - too hard to get probes to the coil...

R1 has a high enough value such that there is virtually no loading on the points signal.

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