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Jack tells her that what they did in the past was a mistake; they were young and confused and didn't know any better.

Kenzie starts jerking him off and Jack can't help but put his book down.

He reminds her that people who quit tend to no longer smoke.

He pulls down his shorts and shoves his cock deep down her throat.

She chokes on it and gags taking it all in at once.

When she offers Jack a cigarette, he refuses, reminding her that he quit.

She gets up from the bed and approaches the couch, telling him that he could just have one.

He holds her hair and pushes her down on his dick as she swallows him whole.

She takes both of his balls in her mouth as he slaps his dick on her face.

As the baggage of his skeletons wear him down, Jack discovers through college and Joanna (Joanna Angel), a supportive classmate, that he can create his own destiny and break free from his current life. When it comes down to the wire, will Jack fall back into the family fold or will he break free from the chains that bind him? Scene opens to Kenzie Reeves lying on her bed, chest down, smoking a cigarette.

She glares out the window as her brother Jack (Small Hands) reads a book on the living room couch.

She ashes her cigarette and it lands right in his book.

Jack yells at her, telling her his schooling is important to him.

She smiles, telling him that she'll go anywhere he wants to go.

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